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Rambler Nation! Thank you for being dedicated fans and checking out our first “Rambler Question of the Week". The answers to these questions will provide you with a look inside the Ramblers’ thoughts and opinions as they tour, write songs, and make new music in the studio.

In celebration of this week’s single release, “Time”, we have asked each member of the band this question: So far, what has been your favorite “time” on the road as a Rambler? We hope this helps get Rambler Nation excited about our newest song!


Bart: “My favorite time so far was our first time opening for Travis Tritt. I’ve always been a huge

fan of his since I was a kid. His biography “Ten Foot Tall and Bullet Proof” was the first

book I ever read cover to cover. Having our rehearsal before and loading the busses to head out on that first run was great. The show went great, and the crowd was into us so much that they were wearing our hats and shirts by the time we left.”

Brian: “It’s tough to pick one…but one of the many would be our gig at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was one of our first gigs with our drummer Isaiah, and it was one of those nights the where everything just flowed from song to song without any effort. The place was packed, the dance floor was full, and the people in there were having as much fun as we were. We’re going back there this May, and I can’t wait. We had such a good time that night that we included some of the footage from that show in our "Highway Anthem" video.”

Andy: “My favorite time with The Desert City Ramblers had to be our first two runs of shows in late 2019. At that time, I hadn’t been out west much, and we had the opportunity to visit the Hoover Dam, do an awesome rustic photoshoot outside of Vegas, drive through Joshua Tree National Park, and of course make noise on stage together for an audience for the first time. I vividly remember getting to see Cirque du Soleil perform a tribute to the Beatles on the Vegas strip with Brian and Kieran, and ever since, I’ve become a rabid Beatles listener. We shared tons of great memories, shows, and laughs together in the following years, but there is something about the energy and excitement of those early days on the road as a band that holds a special significance for me.”

Kieran: "I would have to say playing the Fraze Pavilion has been my favorite time on the road so far. Growing up in Dayton, I saw Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt, Ringo Starr, George Duke, Marcus Miller, and Buddy Guy play on that stage. It was so special for me to be playing to everyone in my hometown at a venue where I had been an audience member for so many shows. The show went well, and I was able to catch up with my family and friends. We’re going back this summer, and I’m excited to see everyone again.”

Scotty: “My favorite time on the road has to be the first month we did shows together. Bart and I could not help being identical twins. At the first shows in Vegas, we showed up with the same guitars and the same outfits—to the point where we tried wearing things we had never seen the other wear, and STILL dressed alike!”

Isaiah: "Well, I’m new to the Ramblers, so I don’t have very many road stories just yet. However, there is definitely one that sticks out in my mind as a favorite. My first gig. I was brand

new to meeting everyone and was eager to get started. I was sent a list of songs and a time and place to meet. So I did my homework and off we went. No rehearsal. That didn’t matter. From the moment we started the show all the way through the end, it was a rush. We played great. We played together. It flew by really, but we all hung out together afterwards to celebrate. It felt amazing, and I’ll never forget it.”


Thanks everyone for tuning into our first weekly blast! Please go stream “Time" (and every Rambler song) on all social media outlets, and be on the lookout for more Rambler news.

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